Why does Planned Giving Make Sense? Providing Further Value to Our Donors.

Written by Brandon Allen Executive Director / Fortify Foundation One of the things that I love about my job is having the opportunity meet with school leaders and hear about the rich heritage that a lot of the Christian schools throughout our country have. Whether […]

Build Your Endowment with Two Easy, No Cost Strategies

Written by Dan Handford Vice Chair and Secretary / Fortify Foundation The word “endowment” can be intimidating when you first hear about it. This is because you may not know much about it. Remember back when you first entered college to become an educator and […]

When Will Growth Re-accelerate?

Written by UBS – Chief Investment Office Tight US monetary policy, the energy crisis in Europe, and ongoing COVID-19 and property market challenges in China are likely to contribute to lower economic growth and earnings declines in 2023. But we think global growth should trough […]

The Opportunity Cost of Not Investing

Written by Whitney Elkins-Hutten Director of Investor Education | PassiveInvesting.com As a habitual optimizer, I’m always seeking to eliminate any friction in my environment that would rob me of my time and attention. I take the same approach when placing an investment and/or optimizing my […]

Are You Making an Impact?

Written by Megan Brown Marketing Director | Fortify Foundation How often do you stop and ask yourself this very question: Are you making an impact? In the business of life, work, family, and friends, we rarely take time to sit back and evaluate how we […]

Forever Fortified

Written by Brandon Allen Executive Director | Fortify Foundation In last month’s newsletter, we had an article relaying the challenge of establishing an infinite strategy when it comes to the development of your school. We know that God has called our ministries into existence. As […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Written by Brandon Allen  Executive Director | Brandon Allen  I bet I know what you’re thinking… Either you received this newsletter too late or the people over at Fortify Foundation can’t read a calendar. Well fortunately it’s neither! As we enter the new year, there […]

Flipping the Rule Book

Written by Megan Brown  Director of Marketing | Fortify Foundation  Let’s talk about the role nonprofits play in the economy. It is safe to say that we can all agree nonprofits have a space in society because of the good work that they do. We […]

The Foundation for Christian Education

Written by Brandon Allen  Executive Director | Fortify Foundation  What comes to mind when you think of a foundation? This may vary depending on what part of a foundation you are connected to. Foundations are often community-based with the goal of connecting philanthropists with other […]

Year in Review for 2022

Written by Brandon Allen  Executive Director | Fortify Foundation  As we wrap up with our final newsletter for the year, we wanted to take a moment and reflect on all that God has done in and through our ministry.  It was back in 2019 that […]