Leveraging Giving Tuesday: Best Practices for Maximum Impact 

By Ruston Pierce
Fundraising and Capital Campaign Manager

Is your school ready for Giving Tuesday?  As Giving Tuesday gains traction each year, Christian schools must strategize to make the most of this philanthropic wave.  There are a lot of organizations asking on this day, so you must be strategic to be heard above the noise. Here is a look at some best practices for leveraging Giving Tuesday effectively:

Start Planning Early

Set Clear Goals: Determine what you want to achieve. This could range from raising a specific amount of money to gaining a particular number of new donors or increasing social media engagement.
Collaborate: Consider joining hands with other organizations or businesses for combined efforts. Joint campaigns can increase visibility and offer mutual benefits.

Tell a Compelling Story

Highlight Real Stories: Share stories of students and teachers who have benefited from your school’s work. This personal touch can resonate with potential donors.
Use Visuals: Pictures and videos can convey emotions and stories much more effectively than words alone. They capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

Optimize for Online Giving

Mobile-Friendly Platform: Ensure your donation platform is mobile-friendly. With many donors accessing campaigns via smartphones, a seamless mobile experience is crucial.
Secure Transactions: Use trusted payment gateways and ensure that donor information is kept confidential.

Engage on Social Media

Hashtags: Make use of the #GivingTuesday hashtag and any other relevant ones to your school. This can increase the visibility of your campaign.
Challenges & Contests: Encourage your followers to participate in challenges or contests. This can make your campaign interactive and shareable.

Offer Multiple Ways to Give

Recurring Donations: Encourage donors to set up recurring donations, ensuring support beyond just Giving Tuesday.
Alternative Methods: Not everyone can donate money. Offer options like volunteering, donating items, or even just spreading the word.

Show Appreciation

Thank You Notes: A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way. Whether it is a handwritten note, an email, or a video message, show donors that you value them.
Transparency: Later, show how the funds were used. People are more likely to donate again when they see their contributions making a tangible difference.

Analyze and Improve

Post-Campaign Analysis: After Giving Tuesday, assess what worked and what did not. Analyze the data to determine the most effective strategies.
Feedback: Encourage feedback from your school community. This direct input can provide invaluable insights for future campaigns.

Giving on Tuesday can be more than just a day; it can symbolize what a spirit of generosity and community support can do in a school in a short period of time. By strategically planning your campaign and effectively engaging with potential donors, you can not only raise funds but also strengthen the bond with your community. Remember, it is not about the money raised, but instead the awareness spread of how your school’s mission is advancing the Kingdom of God. Happy Giving Tuesday planning!

Ruston Pierce is the Capital Campaign / Fundraising Manager for Fortify Foundation. He is committed to helping our partners achieve funding by providing support for their long-term investment funds, fundraising, and donor cultivation needs. Through personalized coaching and strategic guidance, Ruston and the Fortify team help partners leverage data-driven insights to optimize fundraising strategies, ensuring sustained financial stability. You may reach Ruston at Ruston@Fortifyfoundation.com.