Written by Brandon Allen Executive Director / Fortify Foundation

 At Fortify Foundation, there are a lot of things we offer to help benefit you and your educational organization. However, the sole purpose for why we exist is to ensure that Christian education is here to stay in America and always reserves the right to portray God’s Word and the world truthfully and honestly around us in the right light.  

As Christians, we know that one of our driving reasons for existence is to fulfill the Great Commission. It’s to present and pass along the truths of Scripture to everyone that is willing to hear. Romans 10 portrays this in such an excellent light. God grants anyone the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Him if they but call on His name. Crying out to the one and only Savior who redeemed us through His cleansing blood. But how can this happen? In follow up to vs. 13, Paul shares with us in verses 14-15 the perspective we ought to have as believers. The only way a person can even get to this point is if we tell them! What a blessing it is to have received the good news of Christ! And how much greater it is when we can influence others with this same good news! The point is the only way that we can make any impact is when we are willing to share the good news with those around us.  

It is with this in mind that we share this month’s issue of Fortify Insights. The remaining articles focus on things that no doubt have been considered and discussed at length across the spectrum of Christian education. While there are, and always will be, varying views on this subject, it is still important for us as Christian leaders to understand the issues surrounding it. The underlying premise that we at Fortify Foundation want to draw out is summed up in one question: What is your long-term plan?  

Knowing that this newsletter is going out to Christian schools that have either benefited from or are currently considering some form of public funding, the key, as with any worthwhile investment strategy, is don’t put all your eggs in one basket! If you have already made the decision to receive and are impacting the current generation of students with some sort of voucher, the consideration here is not to re-evaluate what you are currently doing but to think beyond that in creating additional revenue streams. What would happen to your current enrollment if that funding were no longer there? OR if those funds came with strings attached that compromised your ability to accomplish true Christian education, what would your stance be? God has granted us to His book of absolute Truth, and it is our privilege and responsibility to make sure that those Truths are maintained!   

Again, this is why Fortify Foundation exists! We want to help you and your school develop a long-term financial strategy that gives you as much independence and financial freedom as possible!  

What is your long-term play? Regardless of what conclusions you have come to in this area of public funding, how are you ensuring that your school will exist beyond just your generation? It is great to build and rebuild BUT let’s make sure we are also building a sustainable future! Christian education is one of the greatest opportunities we must impact the next and all future generations!